What Is Mixed Martial Arts?

There is a sport called mixed martial arts that you have probably seen on television before. It is responsible for some of the largest pay per view earnings in history. Although Mixed Martial Arts was relatively unknown until a few years ago, there have been many very vocal and good fighters that have catapulted MMA to the mainstream audience.

It is much more exciting than boxing. In fact, although boxing does still have a strong following, and it may be on the rise. It is because of mixed martial artists such as Conor McGregor that this has become a worldwide phenomenon. Let’s discuss what mixed martial arts is, and why it may very well be one of the best combat sports in history.

What Is Mixed Martial Arts?

This is a full contact sport, one that revolves around combat. It is very different from other contact sports because it is so wide-ranging. There are people that come from many different backgrounds. There are those that wrestle, practice kung fu, karate, jiu jitsu, and many other fighting styles that they will bring to the mixed martial arts ring.

When they fight, it can become very brutal. It is very common to see people bleeding, blood flowing on to their opponent, as they grapple trying to win. This is one of the many reasons that it attracts so many followers because it is a very real form of combat. By definition, it is a combination of both grappling and striking. The term was first mentioned back in 1993 by television personality Howard Rosenberg. This subsequently lead to the development of the UFC, the Ultimate Fighting Championship which promoted MMA fighting.

Why Has It Become A Popular Sport?

Although the fighting itself is part of the reason for its popularity, it is really because of very specific individuals that its popularity has grown. One of the most well-known fighters was called The Spider, an individual that was charismatic and, for a time, was unbeatable. Subsequently, a woman by the name of Ronda Rousey became one of the most popular female MMA fighters because of her unique ability to take down opponents within seconds using the arm bar technique.

Yet it was an Irishman by the name of Conor McGregor that made this into a billion-dollar industry because of his antics and his ability to easily defeat his opponents, sometimes in just 13 seconds. It is because of the fan base that developed around these fighters that it became such a phenomenon. Of course, there are other MMA fighters that are very good at what they do, but as with any sport, there are always going to be those that draw the crowd. This actually begs the question of whether or not, after these powerful figures are gone, will MMA still exist?

What Is the Future Of Mixed Martial Arts?

MMA is seemingly still on the rise. One of the major players called the UFC was recently purchased for $4 billion. It seemed to be a very lavish investment, but at the time its popularity was still growing. At the time of this writing, there are still many people that are interested. However, Ronda Rousey has since gone to professional wrestling, and Conor McGregor was arrested for attacking a bus that had a rival mixed martial arts opponent inside. However, it is this angst that builds over time, and when he eventually fights once again, it will be a phenomenal payoff. By keeping this sport in the news, albeit through unconventional strategies that were not planned, it is still a very popular sport that people are thinking about. There are new stars on the rise, and it seems that it will still be very popular to watch, long after the current major players have quit or even retired.

Now that you know what MMA is, you might want to consider watching a fight or two. You should be warned that it can become very bloodied, and it is because of this that you may become addicted as well. It is legitimate fighting, not something that is pre-planned like professional wrestling, or as structured as professional boxing. It is this novelty that brings people back, waiting for those unique fights and knockouts, in this very bloody but popular sport.

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