Makeup, How To Apply It And Look Your Very Best

Makeup in St Paul, Minneapolis requires skills and talent but you can learn a thing or two by doing your research. If you can’t afford to pay for professional makeup services, you can apply your own makeup. Before you shop for makeup, it’s important to know what products you need and the proper order when applying them. Below is a makeup guide we’ve outlined designed for beginners who have no idea what makeup to put on first, what goes next and what comes last.

Preparing Your Face For Makeup

Before putting on makeup you must first prep your face by going through your skin care routine. The first step is to apply a gentle cleanser on your face to remove oils, dirt and impurities. If you don’t know what brand or product to get it’s best if you ask your dermatologist so he or she can assess your skin type and recommend a cleanser that will work well for you. Apply a small amount of cleanser and gently massage it all over your face.

The second step is exfoliation. Apply a facial scrub on your face to remove dead skin cells and to make way for new skin cells to surface. Exfoliation should be done at least twice or thrice a week. The third step is applying a moisturizer to create a good base for your makeup. Choose a moisturizer that is formulated to your specific skin type.

The Order of Applying Makeup

First Step: Primer

The very first step to applying makeup is to put on a primer. This will give you a smooth canvas before you layer your makeup on your face. A primer helps your makeup stay longer and evenly on your face. If you have dry skin go for a primer with a glowing finish but if you have oily skin go for matte. Regardless of the type of primer you choose, make sure you apply it evenly all over your face.

Second Step: Concealer

After the primer your next step is to apply a concealer to cover up blemishes. Orange and peach are great for covering up dark circles, green helps neutralize redness and yellow and purple conceal discoloration. Apply the concealer using your finger.

Third Step: Foundation

Your makeup will never be complete without applying a foundation. Choose a foundation that will suit your skin type. Just like your primer, if you have oily skin we recommend a matte finish foundation, for dry skin, go for a radiant finish. Don’t forget to use a makeup blender when applying your foundation for evenness.

Fourth Step: Bronzer and Blush

To achieve a rosy glow you can apply a small amount of bronzer or blush on your face. If you’re using a bronzer apply it on your chin, cheeks, nose and forehead. As for blush, apply it on the apples of your cheeks.

Fifth Step: Eyes

Do your eyebrows first, next your eye shadow, add a bit of eyeliner if you’re feeling a bit extra and complete your look by putting on mascara on your lashes. YouTube video tutorials are brimming online on how to apply eye makeup.

Sixth Step: Lips

Last but not least, add a pop of color on your face by applying lipstick. There are so many colors to choose from but if you want to look your best make sure you use one that complements the color of your eye palette.


Obviously, applying make up takes time and effort. If you want to look pretty without putting any makeup on your face you can give permanent makeup a try. Beauty experts offer permanent makeup services for your eyes, skin and lips.

Angie Byboth
Angie Byboth-Malmin is a Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional and owner of Permanent Makeup Arts. She has a B.S. degree in Bio-medical science that she blends with her natural artistic talents to be used in permanent makeup design.

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