How To Find The Best Triathlon Gear

If you are thinking about running in a triathlon, it is important that you buy the best triathlon gear. You will need lots of supplies, from a wetsuit to running shorts. A triathlon is demanding and it takes a lot out of you. When you finish a triathlon you have achieved something spectacular and you deserve to celebrate.

Most triathlons involve running, swimming and cycling. After one part of the competition is over the next one begins. You might be asked to run for a mile, swim for 10 miles and sprint for half a mile. There are long and short courses in the triathlon and they are extremely demanding.

If you are planning on being in a triathlon, you need to do a ton of training to get your body ready for it. You need to develop a training program that is going to get your body in top shape. You also need to make sure that you eat properly and take in plenty of protein and other nutrients that will nourish your body during this demanding time.

You will want to start training at least four days a week. You can start by stocking up on the gear you are going to need. You will definitely need swim gear and cycling gear. Comfortable shoes are a must and you also need head protection. Remember, you are buying gear for three separate events and you need the best gear that you can afford. You can find all the gear you need to buy online.

Competing in a triathlon is an exciting event. Nothing compares to the mastery you feel after you are finished with the competition. If you can get through the entire thing, you are a true athlete. Be sure you have the right gear.


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