Add a Chiropractor to Your Triathlon Training Regimen

To many people, the word chiropractor is one which sounds familiar, but is actually rather mysterious. For example, the common misconception that a chiropractor is somebody who just ‘cracks backs’ is actually wildly inaccurate. Yet, it continues to be the belief among lots of athletes too.

The bottom line is that chiropractors who have been expertly trained to work with muscles and deep tissue are often the best possible physical therapists when it comes to avoiding damage and optimizing productivity. This is precisely why there is now a world class chiropractic practitioner on every Olympic and professional sports team.

Why Add a Chiropractor to Your Triathlon Training Regime?

For triathletes, chiropractic treatment can be used for both injury prevention and pain relief, as well as regular and healthy alignment of the spine and pelvic regions. This is one of the most commonly treated injuries among athletes (and particularly runners) and it can very easily lead to more serious conditions like Achilles tendonitis, IT Band Syndrome, and hip bursitis.

This is why it can be a good idea to add an expert chiropractor to your triathlon training regime. In some cases, intense athletic training has the potential to disrupt and cause misalignment of the spinal column and other joints within the body. In fact, any kind of reasonably firm impact or strike to the feet, head, shoulders, legs, or torso can send shockwaves running down the spinal cords.

This, in turn, causes subluxations, which chiropractors can treat in order to prevent difficulties for the nervous system as a whole. You should already be starting to understand then just how far reaching these kinds of injuries can be and how widespread the impact of high quality chiropractic treatment often turns out to be too.

The Widespread Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

With this kind of spinal-centric support, respiratory functions can be improved, body chemistry enhanced, cardiovascular responses made more efficient, and vertebral subluxations treated quickly and efficiently. It restores the healthy function of the spine and nervous system so that a triathlete can get back to being fighting fit and perform at their best.

For professional athletes who are keen to stay away from drugs and medicines with potentially detrimental side effects, the help and support of a good chiropractor can make a huge different to the efficiency and success of a regimented training schedule. It could be time for you to start thinking about investing in this kind of support.


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