Are You Scared of Your Dentist?

Besides prescribing oral medicine and providing patient education, dentists perform different types of dental procedures that all aim to restore and improve your oral health. The American Dental Association recommends you see your dentist at least once every six months to have your mouth checked for signs of trouble and to remove hardened calculus on your teeth.

These are procedures that your dentist is trained to do. But, unfortunately, more than half of the American population deliberately skip dental appointments for one reason – they are scared of the dentist. If you are guilty of missing your appointments because you’re scared too, this blog is for you.

First of all, there is no reason for you to fear your dentist. The following are reasons that will persuade you to show up during your dental appointments fearlessly.

#1 Dentists Thoroughly Clean Your Teeth

Even if you brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes and even if you floss before going to bed, there will be areas in your mouth that are prone to plaque and tartar buildup. These hard-to-reach areas can cause your teeth to develop cavities and decay and your gums to inflame. Your dentist has the tools needed to efficiently remove plaque and tartar buildup in these areas. Keeping your mouth plaque and tartar free is part of preventive dentistry. Professional teeth cleaning prevents the occurrence of tooth decay and gum disease.

#2 Your Dentist Is Your Friend

When you start thinking of your dentist as your friend, you’ll slowly change your mindset about visiting the clinic. Your dentist doesn’t want to harm you; in fact, they want the opposite. Preventive dentistry procedures aim to keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy, thereby reducing your risk of developing oral health complications.

#3 Dental Treatments Are Not Painful

One of the biggest misconceptions about dental treatments is they are painful. On the contrary, these treatments aim to reduce the pain you’re feeling. Tooth decay and gum disease are two of the most common dental issues people deal with, and these two cause pain in varying degrees.

Albeit, there may be treatments that cause slight discomfort, this should not be a cause for concern because, during your consultation, your dentist will assess your pain threshold and tolerance. For lengthy and invasive procedures, you will be anesthetized so you won’t feel any pain. You will also be given pain killers after the treatment to alleviate any form of discomfort.

#4 Lower Your Risk of Health Conditions

Are you aware that if you keep skipping dental appointments, your risk of getting heart disease heightens? If this isn’t addressed it could lead to death. One way of lowering your risk of heart disease is to visit your dentist bi-annually to have your teeth cleaned.

#5 Dentists Educate You

Sure, you can read blogs and articles online on how to improve your oral health, but nothing beats insight from your dentist himself. Every mouth is different, and every dental problem is unique. If you want a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs, you should visit your dentist once every six months.

Dentists are great communicators and educators. They will teach you the proper way to brush and floss and how often you should do it, what foods you should avoid and what foods to consume, and what food and drinks cause your teeth to stain. Overall, your dentist will teach you habits on how to improve your oral health. During your dental visits, you’re not just getting your teeth cleaned, but you’ll also learn so much about your oral health. You can even pass the helpful pieces of information you’ve learned down to your kids.

#6 Dentists Offer Dental Sedation

When you’re too scared to go to the dentist that you would rather endure the pain that comes with advanced-stage gum disease or severe tooth decay, you should know that dentists offer dental sedation. Dental sedation is intended for patients who cannot bring themselves to the clinic because of anxiety. Dental sedation can be given via oral medication, inhalation, or intravenously to help you relax during the duration of the treatment.


It’s easier said than done, but once you learn more about dental treatments and filter out myths and misconceptions, you’ll realize that dental visits are not as bad as the Internet says they are. Your dentist has your best interest at heart. You’re lowering your chances of suffering from painful oral complications and other health conditions whenever you go to the clinic.

Dr. Mamaly Reshad
Dr. Mamaly Reshad, DDS, MSc, Prosthodontist, has over 20 years of experience in dentistry is the owner of ArtLab Dentistry in Woodland Hills

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What are the commands for Dog training?

One of the best things you can do for your dog is to train it. Richmond dog obedience training is not just for your dog but it’s also for you and your family. When a dog is well trained you can take it anywhere without worrying that it might harm your family, friends, and other people. A disciplined dog also has a low risk of hurting itself. When you teach your dog basic dog commands, you can take it out of a dangerous situation. For example, if you say your dog’s name or say the cue word “come” it will come running back to you instead of running towards a busy street where it could get run over by a moving vehicle.

Let’s check out some of the common commands you can teach your dog.

#1 Sit – the command “sit” is one of the basic commands that you should teach your dog how to do since you will be using it daily. It’s super easy to teach. You just need to hold a treat right above your dog’s head making sure your dog has already smelled it so it knows it’s a delicious treat. Next, move your hand with the treat at the back of your dog’s head and when they are finally in a sitting position say the word “sit” loud enough for your dog to hear and then give the reward. Repeat this as often as necessary until your dog masters it.

#2 Down–down is trickier but the concept is the same as the command “sit” so if you’re going to teach your dog how to sit then might as well follow it up with the command “down”. To do this command, you just need to hold a treat in front of your dog and let it smell the treat. After smelling the treat, move your hand with the treat down until it reaches the floor. Your dog will follow the treat. When your dog’s belly is flat on the floor, say the command word “down” and give your dog the treat. Again, the best way to master this command is to do it constantly. Practice makes perfect.

#3 Stay – When you have a dog it’s important to teach it how to “stay”. It’s one of the handiest commands in dog training. It’s also for its safety. You should teach your dog how to stay at an early age. To teach this command, let your dog sit by saying the cue word “sit”. And move farther away from your dog. If your dog starts to stand and move in your direction you say the “no” and tell your dog to sit. When your dog stops, say the command word “stay”. And then, give your dog the reward. You can then say “come”.

#4 Come – the command “come” is used mostly for safety reasons. If your dog masters this command it could save its life. As mentioned earlier if your dog goes into a danger zone, you can say this command to bring it back to safety. To teach your dog the “come” command all you need to do is to put your dog on a leash and say the word “come” while you gently tug the leash. When your dog goes to you give your dog a reward. Do this several times until your dog understands and masters the trick.


There is no greater achievement as a pet owner than to train your dog basic dog commands. This is something you need to invest time and energy in for the sake of your dog’s safety and to spare you from future headaches. Trust us, living with a well-mannered dog will make your life a breeze.

Nick White
Nick White is the owner of Off Leash K9 Training. He has over 80 dog training franchise locations throughout the United States. He currently hosts the A&E show, America's Top Dog.

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Aeration: Why, How & When to Aerate Your Lawn

Everyone wants a lawn that is full, lush, green, and strong. However, that doesn’t happen by accident, but rather by design. Lawns need aeration to stay healthy. Using aeration systems opens spaces for water and oxygen, loosens compacted soil, removes plugs of thatch and roots inhibiting growth, and can help with weed control by loosening the soil.

What Is Aeration?

Aeration is the process of using a tool to remove controlled portions of your lawn in strategic spots in order to loosen soil and give the grass space for water and oxygen to penetrate all the way to the root level.

Why Do You Need To Aerate Your Lawn?

Lawns require aeration because when the soil becomes closely compacted from the weight of people walking on the surface, it becomes very difficult for necessary substances (such as nutrients, water, and oxygen) to get as far down into the soil as they need to in order to feed the root system.

Also, lawns that are well-aerated have much better drainage, which also contributes to the long-term health of your landscaping.

When Should Aeration Be Done?

The best times to use aeration systems on your lawn are the spring and fall, when the soil is not wet. The worst time to aerate is during warm, rainy weather because it causes compaction as soon as you walk on it. If your lawn becomes dry in the summertime, aeration can be beneficial. When you aerate your lawn, you should water it for a few hours to 24 hours after aeration.

How Often Should Aeration Be Done?

How often a lawn ought to have aeration performed depends on how much foot traffic passes over that lawn on a regular basis. For lawns that are rarely, if ever, walked on, performing the lawn aeration process every other year will be sufficient. However, for lawns that receive medium to heavy levels of foot traffic, Aeration will need to be done up to twice a year.

What Should The Condition of the Grass Be Prior to Aeration?

Aeration is used to loosen up the lawn, get the soil to breathe again, and remove any of the particularly compacted spots that have built up. So, it’s important not to do it when the ground is wet because the soil will just get tamped down again when you walk on it. Most people typically do their aerating in spring or fall.

What Size Plug Aerators Are Appropriate For Which Type of Lawn?

The most common size of plug aerators to use for tougher types of grasses like centipedegrass, st. augustine grass, and zoysia is anywhere from 1/4″ diameter core plug aerators up to 3/8″ diameter core. For bluegrass, use the 3/8″ or 1/2″ core plug aerators because it is more sensitive to dead spots in your lawn and won’t grow back as well with a smaller hole.

How Deep Should The Aeration Holes Be?

Aeration can be done on your lawn as deep as 3 inches (7.6 cm) depending on what type of grass you is in the yard; in general, centipedegrass, seashore paspalum, bermudagrass, zoysia grass, bluegrass, and Bermuda grass all benefit from deeper aeration than other types of grasses. The more dense or compacted your soil is, the greater number of aeration holes you will create.

What Should You Do With The Plugs?

You will want to remove approximately 25-50% of the plugs that come up from your lawn. They need to be spread evenly across your yard, as opposed to piled all together in one spot.

Hopefully, this information has illuminated the need for the regular use of aeration systems on your lawn in order to keep it strong, lush, and healthy.

Joe Cadieux
Joe Cadieux is the Senior Biologist for Midwestponds was started to provide the products and advice needed to build and maintain water gardens and large ponds as naturally as possible. Joe consults and manages many lakes and ponds throughout southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. He also takes special pleasure as a judge at the University School of Milwaukee’s Spring Science Fair.

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Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertop

Whether you are looking to redo your bathroom, kitchen or both, chances are you have been researching the various types of countertops. While marble and granite kitchen are classics, quartz has become quite popular over the past several decades. They not only have the aesthetic appeal of natural stone but also come with several added advantages that you can only enjoy with quartz.

As with most things in this world, quartz countertops are not for everyone and have their fair share of disadvantages. So, if you are on the hunt for new countertops but are uncertain whether quartz is the best option, don’t fret. This article will help you make an informed decision but looking at the pros and cons of quartz countertops.

The Pros

1. Low Maintenance

Quartz countertops are usually engineered, and this results in a robust, non-porous surface. This gets rid of most of the imperfections and weaknesses found in natural stone variants, and the need to seal the surface in order to prevent damage.

The non-porous feature also makes these countertops more stain-resistant and more sanitary compared to natural materials, thus making them an excellent addition to a kitchen or bathroom.

2. Wide Array of Colors

Quartz countertops can be made from either synthetic or mined materials. As such, they are available in a wide array of colors compared to their entirely natural counterparts. With quartz, you will not have to settle for a small set of shades. You will be able to find a color that will complement your kitchen or bathroom.

Just picture having a unique color of natural stone that complements your style. This additional level of freedom is what makes most homeowners settle for quartz over other materials.

3. Stain and Corrosion Resistant

Thanks to quartz surface durability, there’s no need to reseal the countertop. Quartz countertops are naturally resistant to oils, liquids and corrosion.

The Cons

Even with many several appealing benefits, quartz countertops also come with their fair share of downsides. Here are some of the disadvantages to keep in mind when choosing these countertops.

1. Expensive

Perhaps the first thing you will notice is the product’s price tag. Significantly more expensive than granite, laminate and over solid surfaces, quartz countertops don’t go easy on the pockets of most homeowners. However, one could argue that the ease of maintenance, hygiene and durability benefits make up for its price.

2. Susceptible to Heat

Excessive heat will quickly take a toll on your quartz countertop. Even putting a hot pan momentarily on the countertop is enough to ruin it. That’s why trivets and heating pads are a must if you decide to settle for quartz countertops.

3. Challenges in Installation

Quartz slabs are especially heavy, which calls for robust reinforcement during installation. At the same time, they demand the skills and experience of professionals for the best results. Taking the DIY route might result in seams at places where the slabs meet, leading to a problem that’s expensive to repair.

Get a Quote on Your Countertops Project Today!

Every material for bathroom and kitchen designs has advantages and disadvantages and quartz is no exception to this rule. Ultimately, it boils down to your preference. The information above is meant to educate you about quartz countertops’ ups and downs and help you make an informed decision. Regardless of the cons mentioned above, it is hard to go wrong with quartz countertops. With the proper design and color, this material can transform your kitchen or bathroom into a remarkable, eye-pleasing and luxurious space. All you have to do is put in a little effort to keep the countertops clean and sleek at all times.

Jason Goldblum
Jason Goldblum is the owner of AGS Granite and has always had a great passion for design, cooking and innovation. He started AGS Granite in 2007 and has been going strong ever since, specializing in stone countertop Fabrication and Installation.

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Money, How does a payday cash advance work?

A payday loan is really not hard to take out and can have many benefits. Most often your lender will ask for a check dated for a later moment. Another option to repay the loan and associated costs of the transaction would be to allow the lender to deduct these accounts.

Once completed, your payday loan may be in your hands as soon as the next day. As the name implies, this money will be due the very next payday, or as long as four months from the date the issue was loaned.

How do Payday Loans Work?

The lender will issue a loan that will be paid back as a lump sum at the first convenient moment, typically after the next Payday.

Of course, specific lenders may offer different solutions to pay back the loan. These can be paid back over different spaces of time and will typically involve authorizing the lender to deduct the payments from the borrower’s bank account electronically. A payday loan could be anywhere from $100 to $1000, depending on the state you are in.

Most loan terms will run for two weeks and include an APR of about 400%, sometimes higher. There will also be financial charges between $15 to $30 when borrowing $100. For the average two-week loan. Those states with no maximum cost limits will have a higher APR than states with limits in place.

What are the Payday Loan Requirements?

All that is needed to take out your payday loan is a bank account with relatively good history, an identification and a steady source of income. Lenders will not perform the same types of credit checks as they would for a regular loan. It is important to consider that these loans are made on the capacity of the lender to collect, not on the borrower’s capacity to repay their loans. This can create a trap for the unwary.

Where Can I Find Payday Lenders?

You will find payday loan leaders in operation all across your city. There are payday stores as well as stores that offer other kinds of financial services like title loans, check cashing and pawn shops. It is the licensing requirements set by the state that determine who can offer this solution.

Legal Status for Payday Lending

32 states authorize their high cost payday lending through state regulations and laws. In Washington D.C. as well as 15 other states, borrowers are protected from the high costs of payday lending with prohibitions and other small rate caps that limit loan sizes. The remaining three states will set lower rates and apply longer terms to higher loans.

Online lenders are typically governed by the licensing laws, prohibitions and regulations in place in the state where the loan is issued. You can find more information about the guidelines in your state by referring to the legal status on local payday loans in your area.

What are the Protections in Place for Dependents and Service Members?

Payday loans are not typically offered to those in active service or any of their dependents. This policy was begun in October of 2016 and applied special protections for service personnel and their families under the MLA or Military Lending Act.

What this means is that, no more than 36% APR including fees can be applied to payday and title loans by lenders to service members and their families. This will include making debt authorizations, taking checks and car title loans. The rules outlined in the Military Lending Act are enforced by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Final Notes on Payday Loans

Payday loans, also called a cash advance, can be a great way to meet financial responsibilities before they get out of hand. But, these loans are a two-edged weapon and must be considered carefully. It is also important to look into the local rules governing these loans before you take one out.

James COYM
James is the owner of the website, which helps people find short term loans for their various needs.

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Makeup, How To Apply It And Look Your Very Best

Makeup in St Paul, Minneapolis requires skills and talent but you can learn a thing or two by doing your research. If you can’t afford to pay for professional makeup services, you can apply your own makeup. Before you shop for makeup, it’s important to know what products you need and the proper order when applying them. Below is a makeup guide we’ve outlined designed for beginners who have no idea what makeup to put on first, what goes next and what comes last.

Preparing Your Face For Makeup

Before putting on makeup you must first prep your face by going through your skin care routine. The first step is to apply a gentle cleanser on your face to remove oils, dirt and impurities. If you don’t know what brand or product to get it’s best if you ask your dermatologist so he or she can assess your skin type and recommend a cleanser that will work well for you. Apply a small amount of cleanser and gently massage it all over your face.

The second step is exfoliation. Apply a facial scrub on your face to remove dead skin cells and to make way for new skin cells to surface. Exfoliation should be done at least twice or thrice a week. The third step is applying a moisturizer to create a good base for your makeup. Choose a moisturizer that is formulated to your specific skin type.

The Order of Applying Makeup

First Step: Primer

The very first step to applying makeup is to put on a primer. This will give you a smooth canvas before you layer your makeup on your face. A primer helps your makeup stay longer and evenly on your face. If you have dry skin go for a primer with a glowing finish but if you have oily skin go for matte. Regardless of the type of primer you choose, make sure you apply it evenly all over your face.

Second Step: Concealer

After the primer your next step is to apply a concealer to cover up blemishes. Orange and peach are great for covering up dark circles, green helps neutralize redness and yellow and purple conceal discoloration. Apply the concealer using your finger.

Third Step: Foundation

Your makeup will never be complete without applying a foundation. Choose a foundation that will suit your skin type. Just like your primer, if you have oily skin we recommend a matte finish foundation, for dry skin, go for a radiant finish. Don’t forget to use a makeup blender when applying your foundation for evenness.

Fourth Step: Bronzer and Blush

To achieve a rosy glow you can apply a small amount of bronzer or blush on your face. If you’re using a bronzer apply it on your chin, cheeks, nose and forehead. As for blush, apply it on the apples of your cheeks.

Fifth Step: Eyes

Do your eyebrows first, next your eye shadow, add a bit of eyeliner if you’re feeling a bit extra and complete your look by putting on mascara on your lashes. YouTube video tutorials are brimming online on how to apply eye makeup.

Sixth Step: Lips

Last but not least, add a pop of color on your face by applying lipstick. There are so many colors to choose from but if you want to look your best make sure you use one that complements the color of your eye palette.


Obviously, applying make up takes time and effort. If you want to look pretty without putting any makeup on your face you can give permanent makeup a try. Beauty experts offer permanent makeup services for your eyes, skin and lips.

Angie Byboth
Angie Byboth-Malmin is a Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional and owner of Permanent Makeup Arts. She has a B.S. degree in Bio-medical science that she blends with her natural artistic talents to be used in permanent makeup design.

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Dentist, Common Dental Procedures

There are 3 reasons why you should see your cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia. One, when your teeth and gums are healthy. Two, when you are exhibiting symptoms of oral problems and three, when you are dissatisfied with your smile. Thankfully, the dental industry offers numerous services that are guaranteed to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget. The following are some of the most common dental procedures today.

Bonding – bonding is recommended for patients whose teeth are severely discolored, fractured, chipped or decayed. It may also be used to close unsightly tooth gaps. In a dental bonding procedure, your dentist will apply layers of composite resin on your teeth. A tint will be added to ensure that the color of the resin resembles the shade of your natural teeth. The layers of resin are hardened using a UV light. After the resin has hardened, it will be shaped and polished to look smooth and natural.

Braces – braces is an orthodontic treatment prescribed for individuals who have crowded and crooked teeth. It may also be used to treat malocclusion. Through the application of steady and gentle pressure braces will move your teeth until they reach the desired position.

Dental Implants – people who have lost their teeth weather due to decay or facial trauma can have their missing teeth permanently replaced through dental implants. Implants consist of biocompatible metal posts that are shaped like screws. In this procedure, an oral surgeon will create small incisions along your gums to expose the jawbone underneath. A special tool is used to drill holes in the jawbone. These holes are needed to accommodate the metal posts. Once the implants have successfully integrated with the jawbone, the abutments and dental crowns will be placed to fully restore your smile.

Dental crowns – a dental crown is a tooth cap that your dentist will fit over your tooth. Dental crowns are used to conceal decayed, broken, stained and misshaped teeth. It takes several dental visits to complete a dental crown placement. Dental crowns are made from different materials like porcelain, metal, porcelain bonded to metal and acrylic.

Tooth extraction – one of the most common dental procedures is a tooth extraction. Every day, thousands of tooth extractions are performed in America. There are plenty of reasons why your dentist would recommend an extraction. It’s usually when a tooth becomes severely damaged that even a root canal therapy can’t save it. It may also be performed to eliminate overcrowding or to remove an impacted tooth before it creates infection.

Fillings – dental fillings are used to repair teeth that have been damaged as a result of trauma or cavities.

Root Canals – when a tooth gets cracked, decayed or injured it can result to a tooth infection. A tooth infection that has reached the pulp can be treated through root canal therapy. In this procedure, your endodontist will remove the infected pulp, clean the area and fill it up with gutta-percha and then finally seal the tooth to close it.

Oral Cancer Screening – oral cancer can stem in your throat, tongue or mouth. Millions of Americans die of oral cancer each year. The good news is that oral cancer can be prevented through early treatment. This is the reason why regular dental checkups are vital so that your dentist can check your mouth for signs and symptoms of oral cancer. The earlier the cancer is detected the earlier the treatment is given thus, stopping it from metastasizing.


Don’t be too confident that just because there are solutions to every dental problem you can neglect your oral health. You can avoid unnecessary trips to the dentist if you follow the advice of your dentist by keeping your teeth and gums clean daily.

Dr. Gerald Regni
Dr Gerald Regni, DMD, has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years. He does general and cosmetic dentistry, but has a special interest and focus in biological and holistic dentistry. He can be contacted at:

Dr. Gerald Regni, DMD
937 Christian St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 351-9399

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Window film, How do you apply window privacy tint?

Window Tinting is a great option for those who want added privacy for their home. However, it needs to be installed the right way or the required protection is not going to be as efficient as necessary. For those who want to make sure the window film settles into place and provides long-term protection, it’s time to begin with the right advice.

Here are the most important tips to focus on when it comes to applying window film.

1) Measure the Windowpane Multiple Times

The measurements have to be perfect and unfortunately, a lot of people don’t think about this as they are working away at the window film.

Since you are going to be using a small utility knife to work away at the film, it has to be measured the right way to see quality results.

Focus on the windowpane and make sure you are measuring it in detail. This includes taking multiple measurements to see whether or not you are getting it right. Any mistakes here are going to spill over into the rest of the project.

2) Aim to Go 1/2″ More Than the Windowpane

Just like when you are measuring the windowpane, it is also important to think about how much you are cutting using the utility knife. If you are going to do this properly, you will have to aim to go a bit more than what you have measured.

The goal is to have enough window film for you to press down and eliminate air bubbles before they become a real problem.

If it is a “perfect” fit and exact to the measurements, you are not going to have enough “give” when it is time to apply the window film. Instead, you want to create at least a 1/2″ gap that is going to make sure the installation goes ahead as planned.

Focus on this and you are going to be heading in the right direction when it comes to your window privacy tent.

3) Use a Small Squeegee to Remove Air Bubbles

It is the air bubbles where mistakes are made and you have to get this right the first time. Unfortunately, a lot of people will do all of the hard work including the measurements, and then forget how to manage the air bubbles that pop up.

The main strategy is to properly measure the window pane, so you are not creating unnecessary air bubbles due to oddly sized window film.

Once you have done this, it is time to take out a small squeegee and run it over top of the window film. This is going to help eradicate any bubbles that develop on the top surface.

4) Spray with Clear Water

Before you install the window film, it makes sense to use clear water. This is going to be a clean source to use for the windowpane as you begin to apply the film from one end to the other. If you don’t do this, it is not going to stick the way you want it to.

Use these tips to ensure the window film goes into place as required. A lot of people will struggle with this step if they don’t take the right precautions and figure out what needs to happen to seal it into place. This is where mistakes are made and the goal should always be to figure out what is necessary to apply the window privacy tent correctly.

By following the tips listed here, you are going to be well on your way to a well-installed window privacy tent that is worthy of your time.

O’Neil Teape
O’Neil Teape is the owner of ProShield Glass Tinting Specialists. O'Neil is not just an installer but a craft artist, converting the clients' needs for privacy, safety and protection into dynamic design fit to their specific style and preferences.

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Doctor, Are chiropractic adjustments good for you?

Do you know how many people book consultations with a Chiropractor each year? MILLIONS! Yes, you read that right. Even if America is teeming with medical clinics and hospitals that cater to patients of all ages and races, there are still millions who are huge advocates of chiropractic care especially when it comes to treating neck, foot, shoulder and back pain. Individuals who also experience a tingling or numbing sensation in arms, legs and hands often seek the expertise of a chiropractor for treatment and relief.

According to surveys, an estimated 60% of the adult population in America suffer from back and neck pain. The pain had become so severe that they resorted to seeking treatment from health care professionals. The surveys showed that 50% of those who exhibited back pain went to go see a chiropractor. Let’s find out why chiropractic treatment may actually be good for you.

What are chiropractors and what do they do?

Chiropractors are trained and educated to manipulate patient’s spines using a variety of techniques with the aim to relieve pain and improve overall wellbeing. During your first appointment, your chiropractor will perform a physical exam and obtain your health history. They will study your spine to check if the bone density is normal. Those who have low bone density like in the case of patients diagnosed with osteoporosis the treatment will gentler. Chiropractors apply skillful and carefully measured force to a damaged joint to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

One of the common moves that chiropractors perform is high-velocity cervical adjustment. In this procedure, you will be asked to relax your head while your chiropractor does a quick thrust of your head in one direction. You’ve probably seen this in videos online where you’ll hear a snapping sound after which, relief will show on the patient’s face. Another therapeutic maneuver chiropractors do are low-velocity cervical adjustments.

Aside from back pain and neck pain, chiropractors are also known for treating headaches due to nerve irritation. Let’s check out other reasons why chiropractic treatment is good for you.

What are the benefits of chiropractic treatment?

Based on scientific evidence and based on reports made by patients who received chiropractic care, they experienced a faster recovery without the need to take synthetic medications. While medical doctors prescribe medications and perform surgeries and other forms of therapy, chiropractors only do spinal manipulation. Through this treatment done manually using their skilled hands patients are able to naturally heal themselves.

Studies also show that chiropractic treatment has greatly reduced ear infections in children. A lot of children are diagnosed with ear infections each year and the standard treatment for ear infection is to take antibiotics. Do you know that when parents brought their children to a chiropractor their otitis media was permanently treated? This means that chiropractic treatment is effective not just in relieving back and neck pain but also in treating ear infections.

Another known benefit of chiropractic care is it boosts your immune system. When you constantly undergo chiropractic adjustments your body will produce antibodies that will help strengthen your body’s immune response. It’s also believed that chiropractic treatment increases the production of leukocytes in your body that helps fight off diseases.

Other studies show that chiropractic care also helps reduce problems in digestion. Individuals who suffer from digestive problems can find relief by seeing a chiropractor.

Regular chiropractic treatments are also known to reduce blood pressure. So if you are hypertensive you can give this a try instead of relying mostly on medications.

Bottom Line

As you can see, chiropractic care is completely safe as long as you see a licensed chiropractor. It also helps if you do your research so you’ll know what procedures to expect as well as other health benefits of chiropractic care.

Dr. Paul Braadt
Dr. Paul Braadt is a 3rd generation chiropractor and a graduate of the prestigous Palmer College of Chiropractic. He has been treating patients for over 35 years in Allentown, PA.

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Corrective lens, What type of lens corrects astigmatism?

People with Poor Vision are recommended to see an eye doctor to have their vision checked. In most cases, individuals who suffer from poor vision are diagnosed with astigmatism. Astigmatism is a condition wherein the curvature of your cornea is imperfect. In other words, the curvature of your cornea doesn’t match with the curvature of your lens. According to statistics, 1 in every 3 Americans is diagnosed with astigmatism each year.

When the curvature of the cornea is abnormal light will get inside your eye causing you to see blurred images. A normal and healthy cornea is round and is shaped like a ball. For individuals with astigmatism, their cornea takes on the shape of a football, which explains the blurred images. Another reason for astigmatism is when the lens is irregularly shaped. The lens is found at the back of your cornea.

How Is Astigmatism Diagnosed?

How do you diagnose astigmatism? A lot of kids are actually born with this condition without them knowing it. The only time they’ll know if they have it is when they undergo an eye test. Most children struggle with their academics because they are having trouble reading books. To know whether your kids have astigmatism or not let them undergo regular eye tests. An eye doctor may use the following methods to check the eyes:

#1: Visual Acuity Test

In a visual acuity test, you will be asked to read different letters printed on a chart. The sizes of the letters become smaller as you go down each line.

#2: Astigmatic Dial

Your eye doctor may also use a different chart called an astigmatic dial. This is a chart that shows lines designed in a semi-circle. If a person looking at this chart has a perfect vision, all the lines will be clear to him or her but if that person suffers from astigmatism, he or she will only see a few clear lines.

#3 Opthalmometer/Keratometer

A keratometer is used to measure the light from your cornea. It is a device that measures the overall radius of your cornea’s curve. The results will let your eye doctor know the degree of abnormality or the curvature.

#4. Corneal Topography

Another test that will show the curve and the shape of your cornea is a corneal topography test.

According to the American Optometric Association, children are encouraged to take eye tests when they reach 6 months, 3 years old, before they get into first grade and then every 2 years following that. Children who are at high risk of astigmatism are advised to take eye tests yearly. For adults, the recommended every 2 years is actually enough but if you suffer from health conditions such as diabetes you are required to take eye tests more often.

How Does Astigmatism Manifest?

What are the signs of astigmatism? The most common signs that indicate astigmatism include blurred vision whether near or far, frequent headaches, when a person squints way too often, eye strain and having difficulty driving during night time. Although these signs are not conclusive to astigmatism, you still need to have your eyes checked.

How Is This Treated and What Lens Can Correct It?

Mild astigmatism doesn’t need any treatment. Nevertheless, the ideal treatment for astigmatism is the use of corrective lenses.

Corrective lenses are effective in fixing vision problems associated with astigmatism because it bends incoming light. This feature in the lens will correct wrong refraction. In effect, the images will be clear because they will be appropriately projected to your retina. Corrective lenses can be designed via contact lenses or through glasses. Lenses designed for this specific eye abnormality will have to have a spherical power. This is designed for individuals who are near or far sighted. It must also have a lens power to fix astigmatism and an axis designation to describe the position of the cylinder correction.

Susan Sloan
Dr. Susan M Sloan is an Optometrist in Sarasota FL, who has been committed to providing professional, personal eye care to adult and children for over 30 years.

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Can Acupuncture Be Used to Treat Babies?


Sticking a bunch of needles in your body to treat a wide range of health-related conditions may seem daunting but what about doing the same for an infant or a baby? It may not seem like an ideal treatment for young, little humans, but acupuncture has been proven to be very effective at treating a wide range of conditions associated with babies. But is this alternative treatment safe and is it in fact suitable for babies?

Safety of Acupuncture for Babies

Although there is no specific dissension among the medical community regarding acupuncture for babies, there is also no positive sentiment. The general rule is to always discuss the treatment as well as the ailment with your pediatrician before seeking any type of alternative treatment.

It is of course crucial to take additional precautions. Find an acupuncturist who is skilled and experienced at treating babies for a variety of conditions. Also ensure that the environment is hygienic and the needles sterile. It is important to ensure that you baby is not exposed to any bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms while visiting the acupuncturist.

The Pain Aspect

If you have ever been for acupuncture, you should know that inserting the needles should not hurt at all and this is true for babies too. However, the same factors apply as for safety and expertise plays a very important role in ensuring that there is no pain during a session.

If the acupuncture needle is breaking or tearing the skin on entry, the treatment is not being expertly applied and it is recommended to halt the process immediately and find an experienced acupuncturist. This tearing can result in the procedure being painful and can also unnecessarily expose the baby to germs and infection. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to find a legitimate acupuncturist who is experienced at providing treatment in infants and babies.

How Effective Is Acupuncture for Babies?

Acupuncturists routinely treat babies for a variety of different conditions and it seems to be a very effective treatment. However, there is very little scientific evidence available to prove just how effective the treatment is and if it is of greater benefit than conventional medical treatment or other types of alternative therapies that are available for babies.

In most cases, acupuncture is only recommended when a conventional treatment has been ineffective. This is however not always ideal as the sooner acupuncture is performed, the greater the likelihood of the treatment being successful, especially when it comes to acute illnesses that can affect a baby for a short term but have long lasting effects.

Pediatric Conditions Treated with Acupuncture

Acupuncture can be used to help just about any ailment or health condition as well as its symptoms in babies. The most common of these is for the relief of pain, constipation and other symptoms related to colic. It is also quite commonly used to treat pain resulting from other health conditions in pediatric health clinics across the United States.

Acute illnesses such as colds, flu and coughs may also be aided with acupuncture. Earache and infections may benefit. However, it is once again important to mention that treatment for acute illnesses should be provided sooner rather than later and this is no different with acupuncture.

Parents often use acupuncture and other forms of alternative medicine as a last resort when other conventional treatments fail. However, the treatment can often be more effective if used as the first recourse or as a complimentary therapy.

Ziki Dekel
Ziki Dekel, L.Ac., is an acupuncturist in Manhattan. He practices traditional chinese medicine, using acupuncture and chinese herbs, and specializes in fertility and perinatal care.

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What Is Mixed Martial Arts?

There is a sport called mixed martial arts that you have probably seen on television before. It is responsible for some of the largest pay per view earnings in history. Although Mixed Martial Arts was relatively unknown until a few years ago, there have been many very vocal and good fighters that have catapulted MMA to the mainstream audience.

It is much more exciting than boxing. In fact, although boxing does still have a strong following, and it may be on the rise. It is because of mixed martial artists such as Conor McGregor that this has become a worldwide phenomenon. Let’s discuss what mixed martial arts is, and why it may very well be one of the best combat sports in history.

What Is Mixed Martial Arts?

This is a full contact sport, one that revolves around combat. It is very different from other contact sports because it is so wide-ranging. There are people that come from many different backgrounds. There are those that wrestle, practice kung fu, karate, jiu jitsu, and many other fighting styles that they will bring to the mixed martial arts ring.

When they fight, it can become very brutal. It is very common to see people bleeding, blood flowing on to their opponent, as they grapple trying to win. This is one of the many reasons that it attracts so many followers because it is a very real form of combat. By definition, it is a combination of both grappling and striking. The term was first mentioned back in 1993 by television personality Howard Rosenberg. This subsequently lead to the development of the UFC, the Ultimate Fighting Championship which promoted MMA fighting.

Why Has It Become A Popular Sport?

Although the fighting itself is part of the reason for its popularity, it is really because of very specific individuals that its popularity has grown. One of the most well-known fighters was called The Spider, an individual that was charismatic and, for a time, was unbeatable. Subsequently, a woman by the name of Ronda Rousey became one of the most popular female MMA fighters because of her unique ability to take down opponents within seconds using the arm bar technique.

Yet it was an Irishman by the name of Conor McGregor that made this into a billion-dollar industry because of his antics and his ability to easily defeat his opponents, sometimes in just 13 seconds. It is because of the fan base that developed around these fighters that it became such a phenomenon. Of course, there are other MMA fighters that are very good at what they do, but as with any sport, there are always going to be those that draw the crowd. This actually begs the question of whether or not, after these powerful figures are gone, will MMA still exist?

What Is the Future Of Mixed Martial Arts?

MMA is seemingly still on the rise. One of the major players called the UFC was recently purchased for $4 billion. It seemed to be a very lavish investment, but at the time its popularity was still growing. At the time of this writing, there are still many people that are interested. However, Ronda Rousey has since gone to professional wrestling, and Conor McGregor was arrested for attacking a bus that had a rival mixed martial arts opponent inside. However, it is this angst that builds over time, and when he eventually fights once again, it will be a phenomenal payoff. By keeping this sport in the news, albeit through unconventional strategies that were not planned, it is still a very popular sport that people are thinking about. There are new stars on the rise, and it seems that it will still be very popular to watch, long after the current major players have quit or even retired.

Now that you know what MMA is, you might want to consider watching a fight or two. You should be warned that it can become very bloodied, and it is because of this that you may become addicted as well. It is legitimate fighting, not something that is pre-planned like professional wrestling, or as structured as professional boxing. It is this novelty that brings people back, waiting for those unique fights and knockouts, in this very bloody but popular sport.

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JD Lopez
JD Lopez is owner and operate of Fabin Rosa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. With almost 20 years of martial arts experience, including 10 in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, JD has developed a passion for the art of self defense.

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Add a Chiropractor to Your Triathlon Training Regimen

To many people, the word chiropractor is one which sounds familiar, but is actually rather mysterious. For example, the common misconception that a chiropractor is somebody who just ‘cracks backs’ is actually wildly inaccurate. Yet, it continues to be the belief among lots of athletes too.

The bottom line is that chiropractors who have been expertly trained to work with muscles and deep tissue are often the best possible physical therapists when it comes to avoiding damage and optimizing productivity. This is precisely why there is now a world class chiropractic practitioner on every Olympic and professional sports team.

Why Add a Chiropractor to Your Triathlon Training Regime?

For triathletes, chiropractic treatment can be used for both injury prevention and pain relief, as well as regular and healthy alignment of the spine and pelvic regions. This is one of the most commonly treated injuries among athletes (and particularly runners) and it can very easily lead to more serious conditions like Achilles tendonitis, IT Band Syndrome, and hip bursitis.

This is why it can be a good idea to add an expert chiropractor to your triathlon training regime. In some cases, intense athletic training has the potential to disrupt and cause misalignment of the spinal column and other joints within the body. In fact, any kind of reasonably firm impact or strike to the feet, head, shoulders, legs, or torso can send shockwaves running down the spinal cords.

This, in turn, causes subluxations, which chiropractors can treat in order to prevent difficulties for the nervous system as a whole. You should already be starting to understand then just how far reaching these kinds of injuries can be and how widespread the impact of high quality chiropractic treatment often turns out to be too.

The Widespread Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

With this kind of spinal-centric support, respiratory functions can be improved, body chemistry enhanced, cardiovascular responses made more efficient, and vertebral subluxations treated quickly and efficiently. It restores the healthy function of the spine and nervous system so that a triathlete can get back to being fighting fit and perform at their best.

For professional athletes who are keen to stay away from drugs and medicines with potentially detrimental side effects, the help and support of a good chiropractor can make a huge different to the efficiency and success of a regimented training schedule. It could be time for you to start thinking about investing in this kind of support.


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How To Find The Best Triathlon Gear

If you are thinking about running in a triathlon, it is important that you buy the best triathlon gear. You will need lots of supplies, from a wetsuit to running shorts. A triathlon is demanding and it takes a lot out of you. When you finish a triathlon you have achieved something spectacular and you deserve to celebrate.

Most triathlons involve running, swimming and cycling. After one part of the competition is over the next one begins. You might be asked to run for a mile, swim for 10 miles and sprint for half a mile. There are long and short courses in the triathlon and they are extremely demanding.

If you are planning on being in a triathlon, you need to do a ton of training to get your body ready for it. You need to develop a training program that is going to get your body in top shape. You also need to make sure that you eat properly and take in plenty of protein and other nutrients that will nourish your body during this demanding time.

You will want to start training at least four days a week. You can start by stocking up on the gear you are going to need. You will definitely need swim gear and cycling gear. Comfortable shoes are a must and you also need head protection. Remember, you are buying gear for three separate events and you need the best gear that you can afford. You can find all the gear you need to buy online.

Competing in a triathlon is an exciting event. Nothing compares to the mastery you feel after you are finished with the competition. If you can get through the entire thing, you are a true athlete. Be sure you have the right gear.


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Finding a Good Training Gym

Sports clubs have a lot to offer to an athlete focused on triathlon training. Although most triathletes focus on endurance, rather than strength building, a gym can help you keep in top performance shape by forcing you to keep up the frequency of your training sessions, which can be difficult when you are simply training on your own. When you are looking for the best gym for triathlon training, you will need to be very keen on some factors, because when you locate the perfect gym for you, you will be more likely of attending it as frequently as possible. Another reason for choosing a perfect gym is because you will be spending some cash, and you will, therefore, need to make the right choice to avoid wasting your money. So, in choosing the most suitable gym, here are the factors to consider.

Consider the Location

In terms of location, you will need to choose a sports club that is near enough to your residence, for the sake of visiting it. The gym might be well equipped, but unless it is close enough to where you live, it won’t be that appropriate. Another reason for choosing a fitness center that is close to your residence is that you can get in a warm-up jog or run on your way to the gym. For that, always choose a fitness center that is close enough to your office or home.

Find out the Hours of Operation

Inasmuch as you need to stay healthy, you also need to carry on with your normal daily activities and duties. For that, you will need to ensure that the gym is open at an appropriate time. For instance, you could consider if the gym opens early enough before you head to work. Also, check if they are open during the weekends. These factors can help you acclimatize easily with the gym while you still maintain your normal working hours. You could also find that the gym has special all men or women hours, which can make you feel more at ease when working out.

Consider the Clients/Members

Various gyms and health clubs have specific clients. For that, you will need to consider the members of the club, for the sake of your own comfort. There are places that attract a specific type of clientele entirely. For example, you could find a gym or fitness center that has only male or female members. Also, others could be there for strength training, while others might prefer an endurance workout. Whichever the case, you should always choose one that is suitable to your needs.

Is The Staff Supportive?

One of the most important factors to consider in a fitness center is the staff, whereby, they need to be as supportive as they could in order to offer you with the best services. It is therefore recommended always to take a tour to the given fitness center. The manner and rate in which the staff responds to the clients will determine how supportive they are. You should also consider asking if the staff is well experienced if they have qualified for the fitness training. Also, you could ask if there are personal trainers, in case you need one.

Consider the Equipment

You will also need to rate the equipment and how suitable it is for your workout. For example, Koko FitClub Gym has some very sophisticated digital integration that can be ideal for a triathlete who wants to keep detailed records of their cardio output, distances, etc. Also, check if the machines are new, or if they are not functioning properly. You should also consider if there is enough equipment to serve the number of people in the gym at peak hours. It would be frustrating if you have to wait in line to use a given piece of equipment.


When you are trying to find a reliable sports training center, you should look for one that offer activities that are suitable to your needs. Always consider sports clubs that provide the right services and equipment for the sake of achieving your workout goals. The fitness center should also have friendly prices, for the sake of being able to manage a subscription package.


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Essential Triathlon Gear

Doing triathlons is a great way to challenge your body and push your physical limits. The combination of biking, swimming and running works just about every muscle in your body and requires a great deal of endurance. Having the right gear can help you perform at your maximum level so that you can get the most out of your race. If you are just getting started, here is some essential triathlon gear that you should consider purchasing:

A Decent Bike

If you are new to doing triathlons and aren’t sure that you are going to stick with them for the long haul, you can use just about any bike that you can get your hands on. However, if you plan to actively participate in triathlons for any length of time, it is worth investing in a decent road bike. You don’t have to buy a top-of-the-line model, but a well-fitted bike that is comfortable to ride can help make your experience far more enjoyable.

Biking Shorts

Biking shorts have built-in padding that can help make riding more comfortable by preventing chafing. It is well worth investing in a good pair before your first race.

A Wetsuit

If the race you are participating in is being held in a cooler climate, a wetsuit can help keep you warm while you are swimming. Not only that, but it can increase your buoyancy in the water, allowing you to swim faster, which can shave seconds off your time.

These are just a few of the most essential pieces of triathlon gear that you should invest in. You may also want to purchase a helmet, sunglasses, good running shoes, a bike repair kit, a towel, a water bottle and other gear. To find out more about what you need, try talking to other more experienced triathlon participants.


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